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HYPERVSN is a young technology company responsible for developing the innovative and disruptive 3D holographic system that provides an immersive experience for viewers. From our global HQ in London, HYPERVSN services our partners and customers across the globe. The company, founded in 2012 and initially backed by Sir Richard Branson has recently attracted additional investment from Mark Cuban among others.
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HYPERVSN increases a typical shopper’s attention span by up to 30 seconds

Trade Shows

Create hype and raise awareness effortlessly with the latest holographic displays.


Holographic digital signage ensures a major WOW effect that stays with the audience long after they leave your premises


Create hype and raise awareness effortlessly with the latest holographic displays

Shopping Malls

Create mind-blowing & immersive digital out of home campaigns anywhere indoor or outdoor


Holographic 3D displays cultivate a deeper engagement with customers.

Amazing Features

HYPERVSN is a complete, integrated System that allows to create, display and manage 3D holographic visuals perceived as holograms floating in the air.
It uniquely combines the HYPERVSN Device with the scalability of the Pro Management Software and the wow-factor of 3D holographic content. HYPERVSN has revolutionized the concept of visual advertising and digital signage by creating a disruptive, powerful means of reaching out to target audiences and converting them into actual customers

Highly Portable

HYPERVSN Devices weigh only 2.8 kg, which makes them easy to relocate and install

Highly Scalable

Supports multiple Devices, locations and users simultaneously

All - In- One

Integrates into a seamless, highly effective and hard-to-forget user experience


Made in the EU with meticulous care from top quality materials

Unique Technology

HYPERVSN is a disruptive digital signage tool that sets your business apart.


SSL protocol standards are in place to prevent unauthorized access

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Use Cases

HYPERVSN can be successfully applied across multiple industries and settings, ranging from retail shops, store windows and tradeshows to hotels, bars and showrooms.Targeted business verticals include Digital Signage, Retail, Events, Education, and many other use cases

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  • HYPERVSN Solo Classic
  • HYPERVSN Solo Cloud
  • HYPERVSN Wall customized

Host a Hologram

How ?
  • You provide venue
  • We install and Maintain Hypervsn device (s)
  • Sell Ad Space
  • You earn revenue


  • Brand Activations
  • Events
  • Launches
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WOW Effect


Unique Tech


Active Clients


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Client Stories

Sales growth stories of world brands achieved by way of using HYPERVSN
These and many other top brands have achieved tremendous results.Do not be left behind!Act Now!

The Challenge

The Coca-Cola Company was in urgent need to raise awareness of their new Juice and Soft drinks product lines across their target audience in Russia.

The Solution

With the aim to create a unique promotional channel that will result in sales acceleration of the selected products the company chose to apply HYPERVSN technology to market its new juices and soft drinks in one of the largest retail chains in Moscow. A set of stunning 3D hypervisioned videos of the beverages created by Kino-mo team was displayed on HYPERVSN units located at customers’ eye level

The Results

The Coca-Cola Company applied HYPERVSN technology to promote two juices* and two soft drinks* within the framework of a four-week advertising campaign. The impact was truly spectacular

HYPERVSN campaign for one type of juice and soft drink allowed to achieve a 23.7% increase in sales volume and 46.7% growth in turnover. The figures for the second juice and soft drink products were also impressive. Sales soared by 9.3% and turnover increased by 31.1%

Within the next four week post-campaign period there was a significant decline in numbers with sales dropping by 18.8% and turnover by 35.9% on average


Overall, the data collected re-confirmed that the immersive shopping experience HYPERVSN creates has full potential to become a game changer

The Challenge

Despite being a recognized global leader in the field of consumer products, hitting its strategic target and growing net sales for men’s consumer goods in the CIS region presents a significant challenge for Procter and Gamble. Therefore, the company decided to look for the ‘Next Big Play’ in advertising solutions to achieve its goals.

The Solution

There is no more effective way of increasing brand awareness than to appeal to potential customers directly in stores and lure them by impactful visuals. That is why P&G team decided to apply groundbreaking HYPERVSN technology to convert lookers into buyers and boost sales effectively.

Custom-made visuals of P&G men’s personal care goods were developed by Kino-mo designers and displayed on HYPERVSN in one of the leading Eastern European retail chains. The campaign lasted for four weeks with an amazing effect and truly fascinating results

The Results

Procter & Gamble applied HYPERVSN solution to promote two men’s personal care products*. Within a month-long campaign P&G managed to impressively bring in-store sales up by 31.4%, boost turnover by 23.4% and raise customer acquisition by 35.3%. Four weeks after HYPERVSN campaign sales of the same products dramatically decreased by 65.2%.

The Challenge

Stimulating purchases and enhancing brand awareness without delivering exceptional in-store customer experience is next to impossible even for such flagship companies as Pernod Ricard. Willing to increase brand recognition of its major beverages in the Eastern European market, Pernod Ricard was looking for a compelling visual advertising solution to introduce in its main stores.

The Solution

Pernod Ricard team decided to apply HYPERVSN technology to showcase the premium gin Beefeater and Lillet, the first aperitif of Bordeaux. Impactful 3D visuals positioned in store windows of their selected distributor in Eastern Europe were supposed to capture customers in stores and draw their attention to the brands advertised.

Special HYPERVSN 3D models were crafted to boost brand awareness and showcase beverages at their best. One month after the campaign launch Pernod Ricard team decided to extend the campaign with more brands from their portfolio and hypervision Jameson, Cuba Libre and ARARAT


" Being at the forefront of wine & spirits industry, we recognise the acute need to find ways to cut through the noise and strike a chord on something that actually matters to our clients and captivates them. HYPERVSN technology is a truly one-of-a- kind solution that presents a powerful tool for elevating customer experience and engagement like no other and it fits perfectly into Convivialité principle of Pernod Ricard. We launched HYPERVSN campaign just a while ago and we are already noticing a positive swing in terms of sales increase of the promoted beverage brands "

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